From log to basket, I complete every part of this process by hand personally.

The techniques, designs and forms I use are based on long established craftmanship which have roots from North America and I also use green wood working techniques from Europe to sometimes make handles and process the rims.

Each ash splint starts as a section of the trees’ growth ring, pounded by hand. They are then split further, trimmed to size, knife finished and cut ready for weaving. All the rims and leatherwork are hand finished by me, which I use to complete these baskets. I can take commissions within good time, and you can contact me for bespoke orders.

I am also proud to announce that I am the 3rd place winner of The Worshipful Company Basket Makers 2021 Competition which is set up with the Basket Makers Association and its’ members. For more details about the basket, please look at the images posted by the Basket Makers Association instagram post below:

If you’d like to see some of the processing of ash, please see my external photo album on Flickr to see more detailed photographs. Ash splint courses are also listed on my website here.

P1130798 IMG_20210403_151427 IMG_20210403_151255 IMG_20210403_151238 IMG_20210403_150540 IMG_20210330_104257 IMG_20210330_101025 IMG_20210325_141209 P1130519 P1130335 P1130536 P1130378 P1110758 P1110554 P1110288 P1130383 P1100154 P1110126 P1100137 P1100153 P1100113 IMG_20190317_095735 P1100172 P1120344
P1120126 P1120213 Untitled P1120199 P1110321 P1120072 P1100460 P1120016

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