For my leather work, I mostly make leather sheaths and tool covers. I enjoy making bespoke cases for unusually shaped tools, including travishers and timber framing chisels. From punching each hole right through to the stitching, each item is made by hand and the leather is supplied from within the UK.

P1130442 P1130424 P1130412 P1130406
P1130037 P1130032 P1130025 P1130022
P1130016 P1130009 P1120999 P1120989
P1120982 P1120960 P1120930 P1120928
P1120919 P1120902 P1120877 P1120870
P1110837 P1110545 P1110512 P1100859
P1100822 Untitled P1100193 P1090936

I also can replace leather on more unusual pieces such as this gaff saddle (below) for a ship mast. For any bespoke leather work, please drop me a message here.
Leatherwork replacement gaff saddle sail.jpg

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